Live Baccarat

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco or Player/Banker is a popular card casino game that dates couple of centuries back. Nowadays it’s favoured by high-rollers and popular across Asia. However, it is also offered in an online environment and can be played for a pretty diversified range of stakes. Lets walk through various aspects of the game as well as the best live baccarat casinos.

Casinos for Live Baccarat

We already referred to the fact that pretty much any online casino offers a chance to play baccarat. However, live baccarat is a bit of another story. We’ve wen’t through a handful of respected and reputable casinos in the industry and came up with the best of the best!

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How To Play?

If you weren’t looking for a casino to play live baccarat at, but instead were after the rules of Baccarat, keep on reading. This game itself is fairly simple and won’t require almost any kind of knowledge to be played. In fact, when playing online, your point score will always be counted automatically making it even easier.

live dealer baccarat at bet365 casino

So lets start slow and go through the gameplay and various aspects of the game. It starts with the player (you) placing a wager to be dealt into the hand. There are 3 bet types that can be made:

  • The Banker – banker (dealer) to have a higher point score
  • The Player – the player to have a higher point score
  • A Tie – both sides to have an equal point score

Please not that you can make any of these three wagers. In baccarat the banker is just a bet type that you can wager on, you are free to take this side, if you feel that it will win.

Once you’ve made you bet type, the cards will be dealt. Initially two cards are dealt for every participating side – the player and banker that is. Now the goofy part – hands are valued like in no other card game.

Card Values & Hand Valuation

  • Face Cards – worth 0 points.
  • Numbered Cards (deuces through nines) – worth their face value.
  • Aces – worth 0 points.

Now lets move right onto the hand valuation. Highest point score possible in baccarat is 9, but how is that possible given that numbered cards are worth their face value. Well, here’s how:

To calculate your hand value in Baccarat, sum individual card values and take the the rightmost number into account.

Lets make an example just to be sure that you have gotten it right. What’s the point score of two nines? It’s an 8 because 9+9=18 and you have to take the last digit into account, which is an 8!

This shouldn’t seem too complicated, but even if it does you shouldn’t be worries because when you play live baccarat, the point score will be calculated by the dealer and shown on your computer screen.

Drawing Cards

The game of Baccarat doesn’t end with two cards being dealt. Not even close! There’s a set of rules memorized by the dealer and used to determine whether a third card is drawn for either side.

Note that these rules are applied if neither player or the banker holds a hand with a point score of either 8 or 9.

Rules for the Player:

  • If the total score is either 6 or 7, no third card is drawn.
  • If the total score is 5, third card is drawn.

Rules for the Banker (Only applied if the player drew a card)

  • Third card is dealt if banker has a point score of 2 and the player does not have a point score of 8.
  • Third card is dealt if banker has 4, apart from the times when player drew either 0, 1, 8 or 9.
  • Third card is dealt if banker has 5, apart from the times when player drew either 4, 5, 6 or 7.
  • Third card is dealt if banker has 6, apart from the times when player drew either a 6 or 7.
  • Banker never takes another card, if he has a point score of 7.


Once drawing rules are applied and all cards are dealt, it’s time for the payout stage of the game. If you’ve made a wager, prediction on the correct side, you’ll earn a payout at these odds:

  • Banker – 1 to 1 with a 5% commission
  • Player – 1 to 1
  • Tie – 11 to 1

Ready to Play?

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